Jim Robertson and the firm solved the problem. They did a great job, even better than I had hoped for. - W.S., San Bernardino, CA

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With decades of legal experience, Bravo Law Group’s attorneys have organized, merged, dissolved, and litigated over or against literally hundreds of companies.

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Working with Greg was a delight. He listened to our needs and, more important, heard us. He provided just what we needed, in a timely manner. - R.S. San Diego, CA

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We would recommend the firm to anyone. The service was excellent.
(X.G. & K.M., Riverside, CA)

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Practice Areas

The attorneys at Bravo Law Group have over 80 years of combined experience in business and consumer litigation and business formation, and have counseled thousands of individuals and businesses on consumer and business legal issues. Using that depth and breadth of experience, we will cut straight to the important issues in your case and to help you make the best decisions for your situation.

Litigation is complicated and time-consuming. Having litigated hundreds of cases in state and federal courts, we know the way through the litigation process. And while we are skilled and experienced trial attorneys, we also know that staying out of court can be in the best interests of all the parties. We will keep you informed at every critical juncture and will work with you to assess the best course of action for your individual circumstance. The attorneys at Bravo Law Group put your interests first.

In addition to our litigation practice, the attorneys at Bravo Law Group are experienced in business formation, contract drafting, and contract negotiation. We have counseled thousands individuals on consumer and business issues. Our loyalty is to our clients. Using a practical approach, fully informed by an up-to-date assessment of the law, we will listen to you, assess your needs, and create a customized approach for your business goals.



What Our Clients Say*

Greg is truly a problem solver… While I appreciate a good lawyer joke, I also appreciate a good lawyer. Greg has made the paperwork nightmare of corporate filings, and setting up a “C” corp seem simple. His expertise and calm reasoning are very much appreciated.

Jim Robertson was the most pleasant lawyer I have ever worked with.  I have never thought of a lawyer as pleasant or honest until Jim represented me in a case.  The dumb ass car dealer refused to settle and we had to go to court.  Jim was very professional in court and knew his stuff…. Read more »

I appreciate all the dedicated work you put into this. I was satisfied with the outcome and I will definitely refer you for business in the future if I have other friends who are unfortunate enough to get into a bad situation with their car like I did. Thank you very much.

Greg consulted on a personal project of mine and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Greg’s legal knowledge is evident in his attention to detail and thorough analysis of the issues at hand. One aspect of Greg’s work that I found impressive was his ability to tackle issues in an aggressive… Read more »

Working with Greg was a delight. He listened to our needs and, more important, heard us. He provided just what we needed, in a timely manner.

Greg Cartwright is a brilliant attorney who was able to see the big picture of what needed be done to win my case; while paying astute attention to all of the important details. He was like a guiding light that was always there for us to answer questions and clarify each step toward the goal…. Read more »

During the 7 years in my industry (Payroll and Human Resource Management) I have seen about every situation that there is in regard to employee/employer law… Greg has been a resource to me and my clients every step of the way. I just can’t say enough about his professionalism and breadth of knowledge in his… Read more »

We were extremely satisfied with professionalism, service and results.  We will definitely recommend this firm to family and friends.  P.S. Jim, thanks again for all you did for us. We really appreciated your service.  Refreshing to work with someone who follows through on everything they say they will do.  We will reply on you in… Read more »

Hands down, the most professional and ethical firm to work with!

1) Could not have asked for better service.  2) Was kept in touch always on progress.  3) Results were very satisfactory.  4) We will refer to friends, family and neighbors.  

We were referred to Greg from someone in our network and we have never been disappointed. He is direct and to the point and explains the law in an easy to understand manner. My partners and I have started a multi owner corporation and we could not have done it without the work of Greg…. Read more »

Lilys has represented my family’s interests with great success – ‘almost instantly’ on one occasion. When a letter is written to a party which expresses points, authorities and terms of resolution so clearly that the settlement check gets ‘put in the mail’ within 48-hours – you know you’ve got a good attorney. California is a… Read more »

This was my first experience with a law firm and I must admit I was quite nervous about the process.  However, from the moment I contacted Bravo Law Group I was handled as if I was their only client and I was never misled.  As confusing as the paperwork was, the firm always ensured that… Read more »

My wife and I obtained Greg’s services in late 2003 to help us with a real estate transaction in Southern California. Greg stepped in with immediate results by sorting-out facts from our emotion and he set-out a solid plan for us to move forward. Greg’s professionalism (and humor) on our case made it possible for… Read more »

Greg has represented my family on various matters since 2001. My family and I have always been highly pleased with the results. I never hesitate to recommend Greg to any friends and colleagues who I believe would benefit from his professionalism, knowledge and skill as an attorney.

Greg and his firm are a key asset to our business. They set up our incorporation 3 years ago and have assisted us at every crossroad since (good or bad). Greg and his staff offer years of experience and the integrity one expects from a legal partner. We look forward to there continued success as… Read more »

Thank you so much for all your help. You were so very patient and helpful and should any of my friends have a problem such as mine, I will absolutely refer them to your firm. It was a “painless” process. It isn’t easy to be the “little guy” dealing all alone against a big corporation… Read more »

I was quite satisfied with Attorney Robertson.  He was professional and kept me updated as the case advanced.  He was easy to reach and returned my calls in a timely manner.  My case was settled to my satisfaction 100%.  

If you have purchased a “Lemon” vehicle, you are in LUCK!  This is the RIGHT WEBSITE!  After our brand new, “top of the line” RV broke down for the third time in as many months, leaving my husband stranded in the desert, we decided to hire a lemon law attorney.  I had no better resource… Read more »

I am very satisfied with the result and will definitely recommend your firm and Jim Robertson to anyone having needs such as I had.  Again, sincere thanks to you for changing a disastrous situation into a great settlement.  

Very quick and very good results!

Jim Robertson is a great lawyer, and has made the process so easy and not stressful at all. He’s very good with keeping you up to date on everything that is going on, and always makes sure that everything is clear to you.

Jim Robertson did a great job.  He got 100% my money back for a car a dealer sold me that had prior damage.  The car had been in an accident before I bought it and the dealer did not tell me and Jim got 100% of my money back.

I would like to thank you and your office for your professionalism and prompt response in getting this resolved. Although frustrating at times waiting, this was a painless experience and I will recommend your office to anyone I know experiencing problems with their vehicles. Once again, thanks.

Greg is an excellent business attorney and has an excellent reputation in the San Diego legal community. I would highly recommend Greg and I have referred clients and matters to Greg for his business expertise.

Greg did a wonderful job, was quick to respond and followed-up accordingly.

I came to [Bravo Law Group] with a problem I did not know how to solve.  A car dealer in Southern California had sold my daughter a car, and had misrepresented the vehicle.  The car had been in a serious accident, even though the dealer assured us otherwise.  Jim Robertson and the firm solved the… Read more »

They helped our design firm since we started back in March 2006. They have been able to solve any problem we had in a friendly but very professional way at the same time. They are very efficient and effective, overall a great value combined with great results. I’d recommend them to anyone.

I came to James Robertson in a sticky Lemon Law situation without any hope of actually being able to get any help.  To my surprise, not only did James Robertson help me win my lawsuit, he did it in record time.  This experience gave me assurance that consumers CAN right a wrong.  

I would like to extend my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your outstanding work on resolving my case against Mercedes Benz Corporation of North America. Your professionalism and tenacious efforts in negotiating with them were instrumental in successfully prevailing against them. I was also truly grateful for your continual communication with me on the… Read more »

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave me in getting the issue with my Volvo resolved. I really appreciate all of the time you put into helping me.

I know exactly where to go if I have a problem with my vehicle (or many problems that is).  I am confident in your work!

We would recommend the firm to anyone.  The service was excellent.  

Greg is an incredible resource. While I was a partner at my previous company, we hired Greg to set up our corporation and explain all of the legalities that go along with it. He helped us understand all of our options (in layman’s terms) and set up our corporation in no time at all. I… Read more »

Five years in business and NEVER had to hire an attorney until late last year. Greg is now my go-to-attorney for any future legal issues. He takes the time to educate you about your rights and gives you options on how to proceed with your issue at hand. I tend to give in a bit… Read more »

I have worked with Greg on several projects. His work ethic and commitment to his clients is what sets him apart from other legal professionals. Communication, expertise, experience and tenacity are what you can expect when you work with Greg.

My experiences with Mr. Cartwright have ALL been positive. Mr. Cartwright is knowledgeable, diligently works for his clients, and has a very strong work ethic. Unlike other experiences Mr. Cartwright never lets calls/questions go unanswered. He has provided me with first class services, and I would hire him again.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did in handling my case.  My case was resolved swiftly and professionally.  The actual settlement that you negotiated on my behalf exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased with the result of the case and with the way that you kept me abreast of the… Read more »

Greg did a great job for my husband and I. He was patient, listened well to our needs and did an excellent job. We are very pleased with his work. We would definitely hire him again.

Greg has proven himself to be a highly capable attorney. He implemented clever ideas to protect me and my interests. He does an excellent job of explaining the theory and the process. With Greg I always feel well informed and that the situation is under control. I highly recommend him for transactional work and for… Read more »

I have been a client of Greg’s since arriving in the United States nearly four (4) years ago. Since that time I have utilized Mr. Cartwright’s expertise in a variety of capacities, including but limited to, the outright release from a Multi-National Franchise that broke several significant contracts with our organization. During a period of… Read more »

Greg is a top-notch attorney who gets great results for his clients while keeping his relationships with them on a very personal, interactive level. I have not only referred potential clients to Greg, with spectacular results, I have consulted with him personally on more than one occasion for his expertise and insight into areas of… Read more »

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