L.W., Los Angeles, CA

Jim Robertson was the most pleasant lawyer I have ever worked with.  I have never thought of a lawyer as pleasant or honest until Jim represented me in a case.  The dumb ass car dealer refused to settle and we had to go to court.  Jim was very professional in court and knew his stuff.  He was very well versed in the consumer fraud laws.  I was blown away by his knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism.  Court is a very stressful thing, but Jim made it as painless as possible for me by simply knowing and doing his job.  He got me 100 percent of my money back!  He was so good at his job that the crabby judge even complimented him on a case well done.  And the judge was NOT an easy judge.  Jim has a very even temperament and works well in court.  The opposing lawyer freaked out several times and pissed off the judge.  Jim never made the judge angry.  If you want a nice and honest lawyer, he is your guy, more importantly, if you want to win a case, HE MOST DEFINITELY IS YOUR GUY.   It is nice to see a lawyer who wins cases simply by knowing the laws and knowing his job instead of being an ass.  I cannot say enough what an incredibly talented lawyer Jim is!