Gregory L. Cartwright

A graduate of Tulane Law School, Mr. Cartwright has been successfully representing clients throughout California for over 18 years.  In addition to practicing law, Mr. Cartwright has sat on several boards of directors of non-profits including the Board of Directors of the San Diego Ballet and Habitat for Humanity.   He has been an instructor at the University of San Diego and is a former real estate broker.   That experience has benefited both individuals and businesses from around the world who have come to trust his experienced advice in guiding them to successful outcomes in litigation as well as transactional work.

Business Planning

Mr. Cartwright has been a trusted advisor to scores of entrepreneurs representing businesses throughout their entire life span including:  pre-incorporation planning for start ups; the offering of securities; negotiating and drafting shareholder and buy-sell agreements; drafting employment and independent contractor agreements; drafting licensing agreements, non-disclosure and assignment agreements; real estate leasing, purchasing and option agreements; and documenting the purchase and sale owners’ interests in companies among many others.


Mr. Cartwright has also represented individuals and businesses in litigation ranging from investor fraud claims, real estate disputes, malpractice claims against attorneys and real estate agents, employment disputes, shareholder disputes, commercial and corporate litigation and many other areas.  Additionally, Mr. Cartwright has acted as class counsel bringing class action lawsuits based upon the California Legal Remedies Act, the California Labor Code, and various discrimination statutes, including negotiating the then-largest class action settlement under the Unruh Civil Rights Act. Mr. Cartwright can be reached by email at or by phone at (858) 300-1900, ext. 103.