Breach of Fiduciary Duty & Professional Malpractice

A fiduciary is a person in whom a special trust has been placed and with whom a special legal relationship exists. The law requires that person to act at all times for the benefit of their beneficiary even to the peril of the fiduciary’s own self-interest. The interests of the fiduciary must always come first. Typical examples of a fiduciary are lawyers, real estate agents, business partners, and corporate officers and directors. Sometimes, a breach of these duties may also be legally considered to be a type of professional malpractice depending on the role of the fiduciary and the type of wrongful act.

Few cases are as difficult and frustrating for a party than finding out that a trusted professional has breached their duties owed to you. We have successfully pursued those professionals whether they were lawyers, real estate professionals or others, and stand ready to assist our clients in protecting their rights.