R.J. & J.J., Riverside, CA

If you have purchased a “Lemon” vehicle, you are in LUCK!  This is the RIGHT WEBSITE!  After our brand new, “top of the line” RV broke down for the third time in as many months, leaving my husband stranded in the desert, we decided to hire a lemon law attorney.  I had no better resource than the internet.

All I can say is that luck was on our side when we clicked on the link for Bravo.  Was I nervous about trusting the internet?  Yes!  Was I skeptical and cautious during my initial call to Jim Robertson?  Absolutely!  But, I have to say, his courtesy and intelligence, his patience and genuine interest and concern for our plight, set me quite at ease.

His instructions were clear and uncomplicated.  We did exactly as he requested and sat down and wrote out the “story” of our experience, including as many details as possible, and sent it off.  It took only a couple of days before Jim called to say that it looked as those we might just have a legitimate case.  More would need to be determined before we would hear those magic words, “We’ve got a case!”

Patiently, efficiently, and professionally, the process was beginning and we continued to follow instructions which were absolutely clear.  The outcome of this process is that we WON our case and we could not be happier with the results.  You can trust Bravo Law Group absolutely and without hesitation.