Sample Error Dispute Letter

To prove that the ensure proof of receipt, you must also send the dispute letter by certified mail/return receipt requested.



Supervisor, Legal Department
Trans Union LLC
555 West Adams
Chicago, Illinois  60661

Supervisor, Legal Department
Equifax Info. Services
P.O. Box 740193
Atlanta, Georgia  30374-0193

Supervisor, Legal Department
Experian Info. Solutions
701 Experian Parkway
P.O. Box 1240
Allen, Texas  75002-1240

Re:  <<Your Name>>
<<Your address>>
<<Your SSN>>
<<Your Date of Birth>>


In reviewing my credit report I have noticed the following errors: (describe in detail each of the disputed trade-lines, including the name of the creditor, any account numbers, any dollar amounts listed, etc.)

These items are incorrect for the following reasons: (describe in as much detail as possible all of the reasons why each item is incorrect. For example: the item reported by Main Street Bank, Inc. is incorrect. I was never 30 days late on my mortgage and I have obtained a letter written by my Main Street Bank, Inc. stating that they were in error and that I was never 30 days late on my mortgage. A copy of the letter from Main Street Bank, Inc. is enclosed. [Attach COPIES [NOT originals] of as much supporting documentation as you have.])

Please reinvestigate each of these items and correct the inaccuracies on my credit reports. Please also give me the results in writing of your investigation and send me a full, corrected credit report.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


<<Your Name and Signature>>

cc: Supervisor, Legal Department, Main Street Bank, Inc.